Langkawi Beaches
The Very Best Of All Andaman Beaches

Langkawi beaches have plenty of sun-soaked sands and so much to offer to everyone. Warmth, sunshines, peace, happiness, magic moments - you'd get them all. Just grab your sunglasses and have fun! Ooh.. don't forget the sun block too.

Fine powdery sands - white, soft and beautifully fringed with swaying coconut trees and casuarinas - stretches over miles and miles away. You'll definitely fall in love with Langkawi beaches. We did and still do. Seeing is believing.

Have Fun at Langkawi Beaches

Hey! You're not going to stare at the pretty beaches all day, aren't you? So, let's....

Walk, jog and swim on them. Bask and snooze under the sun. Get the perfect tan. Collect sea treasures washed up to the shore. Bury your body in the soft and warm sand. Build majestic sand castles. Play frisbee, water ball or volley ball. Photograph every one of those spectacular Langkawi beaches. is built and maintain personally by myself using SBI, an affordable, risk-free, all-in-one solution that show you how to turn your hobby, passion or skill into a successful website. Frankly, this website is still growing as my husband and I continue hunting and researching for more useful, interesting and up-to-date information. You can help by contributing your Langkawi story or tips.

Hmmm.. you'd still prefer to stare at the beaches? Try watching the sunsets at one of Langkawi beaches. It is a wow! must-do.

Again, seeing is believing.

There's nothing more magical than sitting on the beach with a drink in one hand and witness the sun set slowly in a show of angelic gold and pink. Then, treat yourselves with some delicious local delights at one of the many wonderful restaurants on Langkawi beaches.

Langkawi Beach Resorts

Staying at one of the beaches exclusive resort and being lulled to sleep every night by ocean waves is another great experience. Langkawi beaches are so safe and the people on this island are very friendly. You'll love the slow pace of life - you know, taking that little bit longer to do anything.

So, what is your favorite of all the Langkawi attractions?

We hope you'd like to share your story with us.

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Do you know what is the most wonderful things in this world? It's packing your stuff and having a vacation! There's nothing more wonderful than getting away from your daily routines and the regular faces (your boss, your mom, your sister, your cats etc).

So, if you agree with us, then start planning for your trip. Keep in mind that you must put your budget as a "#1". Then, think about the location. Try to keep Langkawi in one of your schedule trip. There's nothing to lose.

For those who don't know where is Langkawi, the very best of all Andaman islands.... click here.

Selamat Datang! Welcome!

Welcome To Langkawi Welcome To Langkawi Welcome To Langkawi


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